The Encounter

If you understand what He's done for you, you'll always be thankful.
Intertwining with and abiding in Him produces active faith which produces fruit.

Being In Love

October 9, 2022
There is a place in Him, in His love that is so sweet, so overcoming, so powerful, where life flows and overtakes you.

A Season Of Fruit

October 2, 2022
The fruit you bear is for His glory.

Unbelieving Believer?

September 25, 2022
Belief comes through intimate heart knowledge of who He is Unbelief comes when we take our eyes off of Jesus
God has given you His Spirit, to reside in you, so that you can fulfill all that God desires for you to fulfill. All we have to do is let…
If we walk in what He's provided, it's impossible for us to struggle with sin.
Prophetic ministry is not just about foretelling. A lot of it is forth telling.