The Encounter

Normal Christianity

March 19, 2023
The biggest hindrance to living the Kingdom life is the lack of revelation of who you are in Him.

Faith, Hope, & Love

March 12, 2023
Everything we do in the Kingdom is rooted in faith, hope, and love.

Principles Of Ministry

January 22, 2023
Allow God to fan the flames of what He's already put in your heart.

Purpose & Vision

December 31, 2022
What God wants to do, He wants to do with you.

Blessings & Favor

December 18, 2022
You have the blessings and favor of the Lord.
If you understand what He's done for you, you'll always be thankful.

A Season Of Fruit

October 2, 2022
The fruit you bear is for His glory.
God has given you His Spirit, to reside in you, so that you can fulfill all that God desires for you to fulfill. All we have to do is let…
If we walk in what He's provided, it's impossible for us to struggle with sin.

Known For Honor

June 26, 2022
When who you are determines what you do, you will walk in honor.