The Encounter

If you understand what He's done for you, you'll always be thankful.
Intertwining with and abiding in Him produces active faith which produces fruit.

Getting The Answer

October 30, 2022
Waiting properly causes you to be more like Him.

Delight In Your Part

October 23, 2022
He wants you to delight in your part, and that's how you touch the bigger part.

Times Like These

October 16, 2022
The truth is God, regardless of what you think.

Being In Love

October 9, 2022
There is a place in Him, in His love that is so sweet, so overcoming, so powerful, where life flows and overtakes you.

A Season Of Fruit

October 2, 2022
The fruit you bear is for His glory.

Unbelieving Believer?

September 25, 2022
Belief comes through intimate heart knowledge of who He is Unbelief comes when we take our eyes off of Jesus

Rest In Him

September 18, 2022
Rest - Reflect on God and what He's done